Barring Engine

Vital Statistics

Type - Two Cylinder Inverted Vertical Barring Engine

Manufacture - Ashton & Frost Ltd, Blackburn. Built 1911

Cylinder - " Bore & " Stroke with an eccentric operated slide valve

Governor - Non

Flywheel - ft Diameter

Transmission - Coupling on crank shaft


Many of the Later and Larger stationary engines were fitted with Barring Engines. These were used for positioning the engine ready for starting and for moving the engine round during maintenance work. Some engines needed to be turned over during the starting procedure.

This Barring engine was originally fitted to one of a pair of pumping engines installed at Elkersley, near Retford. In common with many later pumping engines these were Large Marine type engines. Sadly only the Barring Engine could be saved.

This Engine is Owned by Mr M Lambe

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