Moorside Engine

Vital Statistics

Type - Ruston 6VE - 6 Cylinder Vertical Inline Engine

Output - 345 bhp @ 335 r.p.m.

Cylinder - Bore & Stroke with overhead valves

Transmission - 230 volt 1150 amp d.c. Generator


This was one of four similar generators that were installed at Moorside Edge Transmitting station near Huddersfield. The Moorside Edge station was built by the B.B.C. in 1931, and was used to transmit radio and later Television.

Because of its remove location, the station was totally powered by Diesel Generator until 1942 and there after the Generators were retained until 1984 to provide a backup supply. At this time modern standby generators were installed.

Through late 1984 and early 1985, this engine was dismantled from the station and brought to Wortley Top Forge. A second set was given to Ruston Diesels in Lincoln for preservation as part of there collection.

Unfortunately the engine has remained stored out in the open at Wortley Top Forge for 15 years.

Although it is hoped to restore this engine in due cause, it is a big job, especially as it has been dismantled for so long.

All four engines at Moorside Edge were air start, using small compressors driven from the main d.c. power supply to charge large riveted air receivers. In common with many early large diesel engines, the mechanisms that we now expect to be totally enclosed and pressure lubricated, are in this case exposed on top of the engine

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